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Promoting health with gentle, effective chiropractic and manual therapies.

Some words from the "Blog"

What is new in your life that excites you and your heart?

I can see

New diet to protect health


Traveling after a long break
Taking care of myself

Having a job that I actually look forward to each day

Opening to who I am and the gifts I bring

Participating in Restorative Justice sessions

Moving closer to my parents, with my husband

I'm going to win the lottery next week

Teaching classes at Transparent Lotus

Wind Symphony

Super fantastic self and family care

More words from our Clients:

Deborah says:

   "I can't express to you enough the gratitude I feel in my heart (and body!) for your loving care and skillful ways. You are an exceptional healer (as well as one of my favorite Earthlings) and your calm guidance taught me so much about this home I call my body. I learned from you on SO many levels, and I am blessed to have had this time to watch you do your magic. Many, many thanks from the depths of my being."

Here is what client Christine shared with us:

     "Mary Whalen is an amazing doctor and a wonderful human who brings her considerable healing talents to bear in a thoughtful, kind, holistic approach. 
     Mary is an expert in a variety of soft tissue, craniosacral, energetic, and chiropractic techniques, bringing a combination to bear as needed. Over the past ten years, she has supported me in healing from injuries such as carpal tunnel, stress issues with neck and shoulders, hip injury, even a car crash; and supported me staying healthy and out of injury as I've tackled hiking, climbing, skiing, running, and hundreds of miles/day on a bicycle. 
     I  highly recommend Mary, and feel lucky and honored to have her in my life."